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The following API operations will no longer process the accountLocked boolean property in the request payload. If accountLocked is specified, it will be ignored by the system.


AppKey retired

You no longer need an AppKey to call API operations. If one is defined, it is ignored.

R9 Update 4

Suite name change

Our workforce management platform previously known as UKG Dimensions is now UKG Pro Workforce Management.

R9 Update 3

Important Notice: Enhanced Labor Standards validation

As part of the validation enhancement to Labor Standards create and update API operations, labor standards must have a version that starts at the Beginning of Time (1900-01-01). This includes any operation that references a labor standard that already exists.

Important Note: Your existing API requests will fail with an error if the referenced labor standard does not contain a version with an effective date at the Beginning of Time (1900-01-01). This is true for both create and update operations and true for both new and pre-existing labor standards.

The following operations are affected:

Note: Other Forecasting operations that reference labor standards may or may not be affected. However, you should update all of your labor standards immediately to include a version with an effective date at the Beginning of Time (1900-01-01).


New authentication method for federated users

The Authenticate with federated user accounts topic has been updated to reflect the new, improved federated authentication process.

People Editor Cross-Reference

We added the People Editor Information Mapping topic, which contains a table with all People Information fields in the UI cross referenced with the specific API operation and property that allows you to update each field using the API.

R8 Update 2

FAQ about deprecated API operations

This release introduces a topic defining the way we use the term Deprecated and answering a number of frequently asked questions about our deprecated API operations and their replacement operations.

Introducing a Hyperfind Query timeout limit

Hyperfind queries that consistently take more than 5 minutes to execute will be prevented from executing.

  • If a query group is deactivated for this reason, the following error message will display:
Execution of this Hyperfind query has been disabled. Simplify the query and try again.
  • If a query group is consistently resulting in queries that take over 5 minutes, the following error message will display:
Execution of your Hyperfind query will exceed the limit of 5 minutes. Simplify the query and try again.