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UKG Pro Web Services is an automation product offering that allows data transfer using an Application Programming Interface (API). With UKG Pro Web Services, you can leverage your UKG Pro data for solving business application and integration needs.


The UKG Pro API enables you to resolve integration needs by providing a programmatic interface to your UKG Pro data via SOAP-based and REST-based web services. The API enables the integration of UKG Pro data in a variety of use cases from API dashboards to data replication and custom reporting front-ends.

The API supports the retrieval and updating of UKG Pro data. You can use a user name and password for a UKG Pro Service Account or a UKG Pro Web User account with Web Services permissions. Service Accounts can be granted permission to any of our web services on the Service Account administrative page in UKG Pro. Authentication also requires a valid Customer API key and User API Key.

Service Accounts and Authentication

  • UKG Pro core REST APIs, using Basic Authentication, are only accessible with a web service account. For information regarding establishing and maintaining a UKG Pro Service Account, click here.

  • UKG Pro onboarding and recruiting REST APIs require an Authorization Token to authenticate. For more information on Authorization Tokens, click here.

REST API Specifications and Version History

  • To view UKG Pro REST API specifications, use the left panel on this page.

  • Historical REST API operation information can be found by viewing the Version History.

SOAP Services Tutorials

  • Tutorials are avalaible for all SOAP Services. For more information, click here.

  • UKG Report-as-a-Service allows existing IBM Cognos reports to access your data without running the Cognos application. For more information, click here.

Web Service Feature Highlights

  • Access all data the user is authorized to see for a given service
  • Search for UKG Pro data using multiple filter criteria
  • Update one or more employees at a time

Technical Specifications

  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.2
  • WS-* specifications
  • JSON or XML REST services
  • HTTPS / Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Managing UKG Pro web services requires the active participation of a customer programming resource that is familiar with software development, web service technologies, and using APIs.

Integrations Dashboard

To access the Integration Dashboard, click here

For more information on the Integrations Dashboard, click here

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