Platform Configuration Fields Data v1

Returns information about the UKG Pro Platform Configuration Custom Fields Data. Specifically, each of a classes' custom fields and their respective values. The keyNames, keyValues, employment status, and fields vary and are dependent on the class in question. Classes marked '(not emp specific)' in the list below will not work with the employmentStatus parameter.
UKG Pro service account must have "View" role for the "Personnel Integration" Web Service.
Supported classes:

  1. Address
  2. Person
  3. PersonName
  4. Employee
  5. PhoneNumber
  6. Employment
  7. InternationalEmployee
  8. ComponentCompany - (not emp specific)
  9. Location - (not emp specific)
  10. Job -(not emp specific)
  11. OrgLevel1 - (not emp specific)
  12. OrgLevel2 - (not emp specific)
  13. OrgLevel3 - (not emp specific)
  14. OrgLevel4 - (not emp specific).