Post Code Tables information

Creates a new UKG Pro Code table configuration, Array of objects is permitted for multi-records support. Permissions - UKG Pro service account must have "Add" role for the "Company Configuration Integration" Web Service. Headers - US-Customer-Api-Key, Authorization (base64 encoded {username}:{password}). There is a white list of code tables that we allow to be written, only these codes can be created: Allergy, Awardtype, Careerprovider, Childsupporttype, Cobrastatus, Coursecategory, Coursedeliverymet, Coursesubcategory, Disability, Educlevel, Educmajor, Emptype, Jobfamily, Licensetype, Loantype, Maritalstatus, Military, Militaryera, Otherphone, Prefix, Proficiency, Project, Property, School, Skills, Suffix, Termtype, Wellness.