Create Application

This operation creates a candidate's application and submits that application to UKG Pro Recruiting.


To access this operation, your access token must contain one of the following scopes:

  • recruiting.domain.applications.write
  • recruiting.domain.application-import.create
  • recruiting.easy-apply

Refer to the Onboarding and Recruiting Authorization and Permissions topic for more information.


To allow UKG Pro Recruiting users to determine which applications were submitted using this operation, use the following values in your request payload:

  • creation_method – Specify CandidateImport as the value.
  • job_posting – Specify an empty value.
  • application_source – Specify the applicant source ID assigned to your integration by the customer in UKG Pro Recruiting > Settings > Candidate > Applicant Sources.
  • origin – Specify an optional text entry of up to 50 characters. UKG Pro Recruiting displays the value along with the Source of the application to provide recruiters with additional information regarding how the candidate became aware of the job posting.

An additional element has been added to the response body to indicate the URL to use for submission of documents to attach to the application. This URL is specific to the application record itself and cannot be obtained until the application has been created in UKG Pro Recruiting.

The following property was added to the response body:

  • links.href.rel.documents – The URL to which documents can be submitted alongside an application

Refer to the documentation for the Candidate Import API resource within the UKG Community for more information.