Get list of employees profile

If no pagination parameters specified, the default/max is applied.

Permissions - UKG Pro service account must have "View" role for the "Personnel Integration" Api endpoints. Headers - US-Customer-Api-Key, Authorization (base64 encoded {username}:{password}).

/personnel/v1/integration/kronos/employee-profiles can take following optional parameter:

  • Product: Required parameter
  • companyId: Can take in multiple IDs separated by comma. ex: {id1}, {id2}
  • employeeId: Can take in multiple IDs separated by comma. ex: {id1}, {id2}
  • includeHistoryIfChangeDetected
  • effectiveDate
  • changeWindow
  • per_Page
  • page

  • Correct syntax when using parameters are as follows:
    • Get kronos employee profiles with required product parameter
      • Example: personnel/v1/integration/kronos/employee-profiles?product={productCode}
    • Get kronos employee profiles by companyId and employeeId
      • Example: personnel/v1/integration/kronos/employee-profiles?product={productCode}&companyId={COID1}&employeeId={EEID1}, {EEID2}&effectiveDate={date}
    • Get employee profiles by includeHistoryIfChangeDetected
      • Example: personnel/v1/integration/kronos/employee-profiles?product={productCode}&companyId={COID1}&employeeId={EEID1}&effectiveDate={date}&includeHistoryIfChangeDetected=true
    • Get kronos employee profiles by perPage and page
      • Example: personnel/v1/integration/kronos/employee-profiles?product={productCode}&page=1&per_Page={pageSize}