UKG Pro SOAP Services

Web Services

Service Accounts

Using a UKG Pro Service Account is recommended. For information regarding establishing and maintaining a UKG Pro Service Account, refer to the Manage Service Accounts guide available in the Learning Center.

General Functionality

The UKG Pro API has common functionality that is used by all services. This section will detail the information you will need to consume the UKG Pro web services.


Each web service requires authentication information in order to gain access to the UKG Pro data. The following items are required in order to authenticate to the services.

  • A UKG Pro Service Account username and password OR a UKG Pro Web User username and password
  • The Customer API key from the UKG Pro Web Service administrative page
  • If you use an UKG Pro Service Account:
    • You will need the User API key from the Service Account administrative page.
    • You must have appropriate permissions granted to the Service Account on the Service Account administrative page for the services you plan to use.
  • If you use an UKG Pro Web User account:
    • You will need the User API key from the Web Service administrative page.

To locate the Customer API key and the User API key for the UKG Pro Service Account, navigate to Menu > System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration.


To locate the Customer API key and the User API key for the UKG Pro Web User, navigate to Menu > System Configuration > Security > Web Services


Finding Employees

The web services provide a way that you can search for and return multiple employees based on filter criteria that you provide. This is similar to the UKG Pro portal when searching for employees as a manager or administrator.

You can search based on the following properties using the documented operations below.


Search is based on the status codes below:


L=Leave of absence

O=On strike

R=Released/laid off



JobSearch is based on the UKG Pro code
LocationSearch is based on the UKG Pro code
OrganizationalLevel1Search is based on the UKG Pro code
OrganizationalLevel2Search is based on the UKG Pro code
OrganizationalLevel3Search is based on the UKG Pro code
OrganizationalLevel4Search is based on the UKG Pro code
PayGroupSearch is based on the UKG Pro code

F=Full time

P=Part time

CountryCountry code

Supported Operations

=Equal to
<>Not equal to
>Greater than
>=Greater than or equal to
<Less than
<=Less than or equal to

Range of data. Requires a start and end value. Example: 1/1/2010-6/1/2010

Available for dates, number and currency

IN(value, value2, valueN)

Searches for any value within the list provided

Example: IN(“OH”,”FL”,”TX” )

IN(1, 5, 9)


Search for properties like “value”

Example: firstName LIKE(ja%)

Lastname LIKE(“%O’Conn%”)

Like supports double quotes or no quotes.

% is a wildcard search

Employee Identifiers

There are several ways that you can identify your employees in UKG Pro when retrieving and updating data. Each service provides the following identifiers to represent an employee in UKG Pro.

  • Employee number
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)– Canadian companies
  • Email address

Each service has a method that you can get an employee by their employee identifier. Each update will require an employee identifier as well. The following details the rules when using the identifiers.

This is an optional property on the identifier. The company will default to their home company code if not provided.
You will need to provide a company code on updates if the employee is in multiple companies otherwise you could inadvertently update the wrong company file.
UpdatesThe update operations require an identifier that will return a unique employee. If your identifier does not return a unique identifier the update will fail. Use the company code or another identifier to create a successful update.

What is Next?

Once you have your API keys and are familiar with the information in this document, please go to the applicable API guide to obtain information on each UKG Pro Web Service offered. UKG recommends that you review the Login Service API guide first; this guide will assist you in understanding the login process to UKG Pro Web Services.