Release notes

The Release notes contain announcements, corrections, enhancements, and updates of note to the conceptual and reference documentation. New API resources and operations are listed in the version history.

🆕 2024.R1 Pro API updates

  • 🚀 Check out the What's New section for important news going forward! The Release Notes will be deprecated in favor of the What's New section in a future release of the Developer Hub.
  • New: Added a full suite of Recruiting API resources and operations, over 100 in total. Be sure to check out the new Recruiting content in the Pro API specification.
  • Enhancement: Completely rewrote, updated, and enhanced the Payroll Earnings Import resource.
  • Enhancement: The Employee New Hire API has been updated to include these fields: ResidentStateTotalAllowancesClaimedCurrencyAmount and WorkStateTotalAllowancesClaimedCurrencyAmount. These fields each have a 10-digit maximum and can only include whole dollar amounts (decimals are not supported). Note: These fields are only to be used by Iowa locations. The Developer Hub entry for the Employee New Hire Service as well as the Employee New Hire Service API Guide, available in the UKG Community Library, have been updated to include these new field-level details.