UKG Pro Company Access Code

Question: What is a company Access code?
Answer: The company access code is the code an HR/System Admin creates when they are setting up the UKG Pro mobile app. The code is unique to the company and once set it cannot be changed. This code is used on the first screen of the app to tide together the tenant and the app. This is the same access code used by UKG Pro Connector Hub.

Question: Do I need a company Access code for UKG Pro Connector Hub?
Answer: UKG Pro Connector Hub is currently available to customers for customer facing features today. Most API documentation and resources are available on the site without authorization.

Question: Is the Access code the same for all component companies under the Master Company?
Answer: Yes - only one access code is provided

Question: How do I find my company Access code?
Answer: If your HR administrator has has turned on the advertising widget for UKG Pro mobile, you should see what’s shown on the left side of the image below for Company Access Code when you login to the desktop version of UKG Pro.

If you don’t see this, please contact your HR administrator to get the code directly from them.

For urgent questions regarding UKG Pro, or if you are unable to access UKG Pro, please submit a case via the Customer Success Portal or reach out to your support representative.