Developer Hub GenAI Search

With UKG Developer Hub's GenAI search, you can easily learn about UKG's APIs by asking questions in natural language.


GenAI search is built into the search experience and gives you customized answers that include helpful tips and code examples. Search results and AI responses are shown in the same place. Developer Hub's GenAI is trained on documentation and API specifications using the power of GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo. AI-generated answers include direct links to the source information used to generate those answers.


How do I use Developer Hub GenAI search?

Enter your prompt (question or phrase) in the search box which appears on every page within Developer Hub. As you type, search results, which are links to pages within Developer Hub, will start to appear. You may select these results to go directly to the linked page, or, once you complete your prompt, select Enter to generate a response via GenAI search.

Where will I see the GenAI search response and what will it contain?

The response is displayed in the search experience where you entered your prompt. The response includes answers and may also include a code snippet. At the bottom of the response, there are links to the pages from which the response was sourced.

Can I copy the response or code snippet?

Yes. At the bottom of the response, you can select the copy icon and copy the entire response. To copy a code snippet, select the snippet. A copy icon will appear in the upper-right corner of the snippet. Select the copy icon to copy the snippet to a console or code editor of your choice.

Can I still use standard search?

Yes. Type your search term into the search box and enter CTRL + Enter (or the appropriate equivalent for your environment). The standard search box will be displayed along with its ability to filter.

Can I provide feedback on the GenAI search response generated?

Yes. At the bottom of the response, you may upvote or downvote the answer. Currently, there is no way to comment on the response, but you can open the page linked in the response, and upvote or downvote that page and add comments there.

The GenAI search response did not provide me with proper guidance. How can I correct that?

What you enter in your prompt has a substantial influence on the quality of the response. GenAI search analyzes what you entered in your prompt and generates a response based on patterns is has learned and existing content in Developer Hub. Much of the content in Developer Hub has common terminology, so be as specific as you can when entering your prompt. For example, if you are looking to update an employee timecard as if you were a manager, instead of entering "update timecard", enter "update employee as a manager".

Does GenAI search allow you to ask a follow-up question?

Follow-up prompts are independent of the prior prompt. If you are seeking additional detail, rework your prompt to include the additional terms.